Personal Banking

Kick-Start Savings Account

It’s never too early to start saving and help your kids to grow healthy savings habits. Learn about our kids savings account that is all fun, no fuss and exclusively for kids.

Account Perks

  • .10% Annual Percentage Yield*
  • Free gift at account opening
  • Annual $500 yearly back to school raffle**
  • $10 to open an account
  • No monthly maintenance fee or minimum balance requirement
  • Joint ownership for parents, grandparents or guardian (joint owner must have a Savers Bank account)
  • Automatic Savings Plans
    • Make regular deposits by transferring an allowance on a regular basis automatically from the parent’s checking or savings to the child’s savings account

Tips for Saving Money:

  • Open a savings account at your local bank to keep your money safe and also earn interest.
  • Try to put money in your account weekly or monthly.
  • Think ahead. Make a savings goal, such as buying a bike, then stick to it.
  • Save some of the money you get as gifts, earnings and from your allowance.
  • Spend money wisely so you have some to save.
  • Help your money grow faster by keeping it in your savings account.
    The bank gives you extra money (called interest) for keeping your money there.

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) accurate as of 5/31/20. Rates are variable and may change after account opening. Minimum balance to earn APY is $10.

**All Kick-Start account holders ages 0-17 who have a deposit made to their Kick-Start accounts during the calendar year are automatically entered into the raffle. Deposits of interest or dividends earned do not count for the deposit. The raffle drawing will be conducted each year no later than the 15th of July. Accounts must have a positive balance and all account holders must be in good standing at the closing of each drawing period and have had at least one deposit during the year. Only activity on the savings account will be looked at – checking accounts and certificates of deposit are not eligible. Each year, one (1) winner will be chosen and awarded a gift card in the amount of $500 USD. Each winner will be randomly selected from all participants in the yearly drawing. Winners will be notified via telephone, email, or standard USPS mail. Prizes are non-transferable. Winner is solely responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes and any expenses associated with the prize, unless otherwise indicated. Savers Bank reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at any time.