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uChoose Rewards

uChoose Rewards is a rewards program where you earn points for shopping and transacting with your Savers Bank MasterCard debit card. The more you use your debit card the more points you earn. Then, you can redeem your points for items, or gift cards, all of which are available from an extensive online rewards catalog. We are also offering cash back!

UChoose is one of our ways of thanking and rewarding you for being a valued and loyal Savers Bank customer.

Participating is easy, and there’s no cost to participate. To get started, please register at Click on the register link, add your debit card number, name, zip code as it appears on your card, along with your email address, then create a user ID and password. It’s that easy. It’s also a good idea to include your mobile number to receive updates and offers while on the go.

Points are earned on signature (credit) and non-PIN debit based transactions wherever MasterCard debit card is accepted.

For every 3 dollars spent on a signature based transaction, you will receive 1 Reward point. We understand that merchants may process your transaction as a non-PIN debit based transaction as a means of controlling their cost. When this happens, for every 5 dollars spent on a non-PIN debit based transaction you will be awarded 1 Reward point. PIN entries will not be eligible to earn points.

A signature transaction utilizes the MasterCard® portion of your card. All you have to say to the merchant is ‘credit please,’ and sign for your purchase. Easy!

Unfortunately, a PIN is required to initiate "cash back," so that transaction would not be eligible. As a solution, you could complete your purchase without cash back as a non-PIN (credit) transaction. Then, purchase something else, such as a pack of gum, using your PIN, and ask for cash back on this second transaction.

A great way to earn additional points is through merchant offers. Visiting the website will insure you receive the latest merchant bonus point rewards. Click on "Earn Points" to look for your favorite store. Then look for online/in-store offers and special activation offers. Shopping directly through a merchant’s site will not give you the merchant bonus. Always start by visiting You can also set your favorite merchants for quicker access the next time you look for offers to shop.

Other ways to increase point earning potential is by using your Savers Bank MasterCard debit card by selecting credit and sign if available when making large purchases, paying your bills online, set up reoccurring payments such as insurance and utilities, use credit to pay at the gas pump and of course shopping online. Keep in mind purchases large and small add up toward your total points.

As a reminder, signature based transactions earn the highest points. Paying bills online and reoccurring payments and some online purchases will be processed as a pinless debit transaction and will earn the lower rate of 1 point for every 5 dollars spent.

Savers Bank may periodically offer additional bonus points.

You can start redeeming your available points right away. Our minimum point redemption is 1000 points for merchandise, travel, event tickets and gift cards. A minimum of 2500 rewards points is needed to receive cash back. Browse the rewards catalog to get an idea of the options available. When viewing your points, remember that available points differ from earned points. Points become available in the month after they are earned.

Only business owners and authorized signers can redeem points earned. All cardholders of the business can earn points for the business.

Yes, points expire in 3 years. Points are redeemed on a first in/first out basis with your oldest points redeemed first.

Simply log into your account on

Yes. All cards within an account automatically earn points together. In addition, if you have multiple debit cards registered with us you can link them together to earn rewards faster. Visit the profile page on to link more accounts to your program.

You can access your point history and activity on the uChoose Rewards Point Details page found on

Merchant points are updated when received by the initiating merchant. Timing varies by each merchant but will be posted upon receipt.

Online Chat (Chat Now) with a uChoose representative is available Monday through Friday, 9 AM through 9 PM Eastern Time. "Chat Now" is initiated from the uChoose Rewards home page footer labeled "Chat Now". You can also email a uChoose representative through "Contact Us" on the uChoose home page. In addition, you can also email a Savers Bank representative for general rewards questions or call us during normal banking hours at 1.800.649.3036

Accounts will be locked after 5 unsuccessful attempts. Resetting a password is easy by visiting Click on forgot username or password and follow the instructions on how to reset each.

If you request a replacement card, your points will be automatically transferred to the new card. Once you receive your new card re-register the card at

If you close your account for any reason, or if the rewards program is cancelled, your access to the uChoose program will be terminated. is the main portal for customers and provides a one stop customer experience to access updated information on accounts and redemption options.

Questions? For more information about uChoose Rewards contact us at 800.649.3036