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Business Lending

We offer a variety of lending solutions with competitive rates to meet your business needs. Whether you are looking to finance equipment or have a need for working capital, Savers Bank has helped businesses of all sizes.

Find financing solutions that best suit your business needs.

Term Loans

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These loans can assist in the acquisition of equipment or the restructuring of existing debt, or they can provide the base for the longer term working capital needs of a growing company.

Construction & Commercial Mortgages

These mortgages are ideal for the purchase or the construction of property utilized for investment, retail, office or industrial space.

Lines of Credit & Short Term Loans

Both of these options serve to assist business customers with their seasonal and cyclical working capital needs, as well as with their inventory purchases and receivable growth.

U.S. Small Business Administration

Savers Bank is authorized to process loan requests for your business under the SBA’s loan guarantee programs.

Small Business Banking Partnership

Savers Bank participates in the Small Business Banking Partnership (the “Partnership”) , an initiative that shifts millions in state deposits under control of the Treasurer to qualifying Massachusetts banks to promote small business loans. The Partnership aims to move money into smaller, regional, community and local banks that have been at the forefront of proving capital to creditworthy small businesses to help them expand and create new jobs. It was created to help small community banks like ours expand their small business lending programs offered to businesses in their market area.

The primary objectives of this initiative are to:

  • Promote small business growth by providing creditworthy enterprises with greater access to bank loans.
  • Provide capital support through cash deposits to banks with a strong record of small business lending.
  • Obtain competitive interest rates on the Commonwealth's deposits.
  • Require that all funds are insured or collateralized to ensure that there is no risk to the taxpayer's money.

All transactions are subject to credit approval. Some restrictions may apply.

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Commercial Lending Application [PDF]

Our Commercial Lenders are ready to assist you with your business lending needs.

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