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Core Upgrade

Dear Valued Savers Bank Customer,

We are excited to announce that we will be upgrading to a new core banking system on April 11, 2022 . We decided to change our core system so we may continue to provide you with safe, secure products and services all while utilizing the newest technology.

While our upgrade will mostly be happening behind the scenes, there will be times where it will affect some of the services you may use. We will keep you up to date on when and what will be affected so that you will be prepared. We also want to provide you with highlights on what the upgrade entails and why we are doing it.

Rosemary Picard
President and Chief Executive Officer of Savers Bank

Core Upgrade Highlights:

Our processing system, also known as a core system, is our software that manages our major banking functions. These functions include:

  • Opening and managing accounts
  • Originating and serving loans
  • Processing cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Maintaining account holder information
  • Processing transactions
  • And more