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Welcome to the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards® program offered through Savers Bank.

You're making a smart choice in thinking about college education now and we are here to help you in that journey. Paying for college is one of the biggest challenges families face. That's why Savers Bank has partnered with SAGE Scholars to offer depositors an opportunity to save as much as 25% off the cost of a four-year college degree! The program is provided free of charge for being a valued Savers Bank customer.

SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards is a unique private college savings program in which you earn Tuition Rewards Points.

The Tuition Rewards Points represent the guaranteed minimum amount of institutional financial aid (scholarships or grants) that an eligible student will receive when he or she attends a member college or university. The discounts are provided by the college and they reserve the right to use Tuition Rewards as part of or separate from any financial aid/scholarship offer. Tuition Rewards are not awarded in cash and have no cash value.

Tuition Rewards Points Example:

If a family redeems 30,000 Tuition Rewards Points for a student, the student is guaranteed to receive at least $30,000 in financial aid (scholarships or grants), spread equally over four years of a traditional undergraduate education. The student may receive more but is guaranteed not to receive less. The Rewards Points can also be divided equally over five (5) years if student is enrolled in a co-op program.

Even if you don't have an eligible student in your family right now, you can still register and begin to earn Tuition Rewards. The sooner you register, the more points you will have accrued for a loved one when they attend a member college or university.

You will need your “Savers Bank Person Number” to complete your registration and start earning points. Your person number is a unique identifier assigned by Savers Bank. You do not need your Person Number to get started and can skip this step for now and call 800-649-3036 during normal business hours for assistance with obtaining it.

Here's how you can earn Tuition Rewards Points by banking at Savers Bank:

Please note: Eligible accounts are for personal accounts only. Trust accounts established using a person's social security number are also eligible. Only one account owner can enroll and earn points.

Deposit Products Details
Savings 5% account value match per annum credited quarterly
Checking 5% account value match per annum credited quarterly
Money Market 5% account value match per annum credited quarterly
IRA 5% account value match per annum credited quarterly
CD 5% account value match per annum credited quarterly
Debit Card 10 points per transaction

Rewards are calculated using the Account Balance from the last business day of the quarter end in March, June, September and December.

Consumer Loan Products Details
Home Mortgage 5,000 one-time points
Home Equity Loans 4,000 one-time points
Home Equity Line of Credits 3,000 one-time points
All Other Personal Loan Types 1,000 one-time points

Rewards are awarded for new loans/lines opened by the last business day of the quarter end in March, June, September and December.

Additional Reward Points Details
Sign Up Bonus 500 one-time points
Student Sign Up Bonus 500 one-time points
Guaranteed Annual Minimum up to 1,000 annual points awarded quarterly (250 per quarter)

For additional Reward Points the guaranteed annual minimum is up to 1,000 awarded annually.

Additional Benefits

SAGE Prime

Through SAGE Prime, you will be able to claim discounts of at least 10% off of the costs for non-traditional education programs, for yourself, offered by select member colleges and universities!

SAGE Scholars FastTrak®

FastTrak is a new and innovative way of bringing SAGE Scholars students and member colleges & universities closer together. Students are guided and encouraged to create a robust Student Profile that will allow members in the SAGE Scholars college consortium to quickly view, recruit, and directly contact interested students.

Referral Bonuses

Do you have co-workers, family or friends that might be eligible for Tuition Rewards? After enrollment you can access your referral code by going to My Profile - Referral Program. You can use this to share with them so they can sign up too. You'll receive 500 Tuition Rewards Points for each person who signs up using your referral code. In addition, the person signing up with your code will also receive 500 Tuition Rewards Points.

Spread the Word

Looking for more referral rewards? Savers Bank offers a unique referral program. Tell your friends about your experience with us and if they open one of our checking accounts you receive $25.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions on how it works? We've broken it down for you by category to easily answer any of your questions.

Here are some key program deadlines to keep in mind:

  • Students must be registered in the Tuition Rewards program prior to August 31st of the year that the student begins 12th grade.
  • Students cannot earn or receive points after August 31st of the year that the student begins 12th grade.
  • A student's Tuition Rewards must be submitted within ten (10) days of application to any Participating College.

Start earning Tuition Rewards by registering today.

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