About Savers Bank


Savers Bank's founding principles are still in practice today.

Savers Bank was founded in 1910 by a group of forward-thinking citizens in order to encourage thrift and regular savings, and to make individual home ownership possible. Today, Savers Bank continues that mission by offering expansive comprehensive financial services to residents of Southbridge and adjacent communities.

The Bank continues to achieve steady and sound growth, both in assets and in services. In recent years, additional expansion has been accomplished through mergers with the Uxbridge Co-Operative Bank in 1978, Auburn Co-Operative Bank in 1979 and Grafton Co-Operative Bank in 1980. We've also added our Charlton Branch in 1987 and our Sturbridge Branch in 1996, and in 2002 we renovated our 270 Main St., Southbridge location, combining our former Elm St. Branch and our Operations Center. These institutions now serve as integral branches in our growing organization.

Today, Savers Bank has complete, modern facilities with the latest in technology to support new innovations in banking that complement the wide range of financial services we offer and continue to explore. With other big banks becoming ever bigger, it's sometimes difficult to establish a personal relationship with a financial institution. However, as we have done for so many years, our representatives continue to help consumers understand and choose the best and most appropriate financial services with each and every personal interaction. Savers Bank looks forward to the future of banking as new technology is made available to offer customers the latest advances in products, services, and delivery methods that will improve the way we make banking Simply Better.