Personal Banking

Overdraft Protection Services

Overdrafts happen when you don’t have the necessary available balance in your account. We offer options to protect your finances and give you peace of mind knowing your accounts will be covered.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Protect yourself against the possibility of incurring extra charges for exceeding the balance in your checking account.


  • Subject to credit approval
  • Advances in increments of $100
  • Low minimum repayments – 5% of the balance or $25, whichever is greater
  • Monthly payments of current amount due will be automatically deducted from your specified account

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Overdraft Transfer Service

Our convenient overdraft transfer service transfers available funds from your savings account to your checking account if you should overdraw your checking account. There is a $10 service fee for each day a transfer is processed.

Platinum Overdraft® Service

A courtesy overdraft service, available for checking accounts in good standing, through which we may authorize and pay overdrafts for checks and other transactions made using your checking account number and automatic bill payments.

View Platinum Overdraft Protection FAQs

Platinum Overdraft Disclosure [PDF]