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Savers Bank Launches Financial Wellness Program and Student Checking Account

Southbridge, MA, April 1, 2024— Savers Bank is proud to announce the launch of its Financial Wellness Program, aimed at providing financial education and resources to members of the community. As part of our commitment to fostering financial empowerment, we are also introducing a new student checking account product, Propel Student Checking, designed to help children 12 and over learn money management skills from an early age.

The Financial Wellness Program serves as a comprehensive hub for individuals seeking to enhance their financial knowledge. Whether you're looking to better understand budgeting, savings, investments, or retirement planning, the available tools offer a wealth of educational materials, calculators, and coaches to help navigate the complexities of personal finance with confidence.

In addition to serving individuals, Savers Bank is dedicated to supporting businesses and non-profit agencies in their efforts to provide financial wellness resources. Through partnerships with Savers Bank, local businesses and non-profits can co-brand with Savers Bank and utilize the Financial Wellness Program materials to engage with their employees and communities to show their commitment to their financial wellness.

Furthermore, we are excited to introduce Propel Student Checking, a specialized checking account tailored specifically for students. With features such as a customized debit card and mobile and online banking capabilities with parental controls, Propel Student Checking is designed to help young people develop responsible money habits early on and lay the foundation for a lifetime of financial success.

"At Savers Bank we recognize the importance of financial literacy in empowering individuals and communities to achieve their financial goals," said Alan Melidossian, SVP Marketing, Retail Banking & Sales. "We are thrilled to launch our Financial Wellness Program and Propel Student Checking account in time for Financial Literacy Month as part of our ongoing commitment to promoting financial wellness in the communities we serve."

Click the links to learn more about our Financial Wellness Program, Propel Student Checking account, or to inquire about partnership opportunities for businesses and non-profits.

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