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Savers Bank donates to Bridge of Faith

Savers Bank recently presented local youth center, Southbridge Bridge of Faith, with a donation for $1,500. Located on Main St., the youth center allows young people to enjoy educational and entertaining activities in a safe atmosphere.

The Bridge of Faith Youth Center is a welcoming place for youth in Southbridge. The center is focused on enhancing educational and computer skills to prepare young people for the opportunity of a positive future. The youth participate in social-recreational activities, facilitated by the center, to help develop the skills needed to be a contributing member of the community.

Savers Bank, a staple of the Southbridge community for over a century, is passionate about local causes. “We are supportive of the great work Bridge of Faith provides to the youth of our community,” said Joe Coderre, President and CEO of Savers Bank. “Bridge of Faith does a commendable job helping young men and women prepare to enter today’s society.”

The mission of the Bridge of Faith Youth Center is to provide a “bridge” to help low to moderate income children and youth to have a better chance at a bright future. A long term goal of Bridge of Faith Youth Center is to empower the young person with the necessary skills to break the stigma and habits that are leading to trouble in school and the streets. It is dedicated to providing as much help as possible to those who are disadvantaged by nurturing and reinforcing positive values and habits. The donation from Savers Bank will help the Center with scholarships and training activities that will have a positive impact on participating children and youth.

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