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Extra Credit For Your Debit

Did you know that many financial institutions offer rewards programs for their debit card users? Do you enjoy the ease of shopping with your debit card, allowing purchases to come directly from your checking account so you don’t have to carry too much cash around? It’s even nicer when you see that card give something in return a little each time. Debit Rewards Programs do just that.

Debit Rewards Programs will often pay you back in a certain number of reward points for every dollar you spend when you use your debit card for purchases. Over time, you can accumulate points which can be redeemed for valuable merchandise and other options like cash back, points for travel purchases, gift cards, or points to redeem for merchandise like electronics, jewelry, or clothing.

Many programs will allow you to redeem your reward points right through your financial institution’s website by providing a convenient link to their Debit Rewards Program website. There, you may be able to check your points balance, see special offers for earning points, and shop for gift cards, travel, and merchandise.

Some programs offer a set number of points for every dollar you spend, and have a direct redemption value. For example, for every $2 you spend you will earn 1 point. Some programs will build on that, giving you more points for certain types of transactions, like double points for gas and dining, or triple points if you make purchases at certain stores.

Programs may partner with merchants to offer higher points at their locations, either for a set period of time or continuously. In some cases, additional bonus reward points may be earned by shopping directly through your Debit Rewards Program site. There you will find exclusive bonus offers for extra points at sites where you may already shop.

Here are a few additional tips to think about to help maximize your point earning potential:

  • Using your card for big purchases like appliances or furniture
  • Use your card to pay monthly bills like cell phone or cable
  • Look for special or bonus offers if your program has them

So keep in mind, what you buy everyday could earn you valuable reward points by using your debit card to purchase them.

So, how do you start?

If you haven’t started earning your points already, contact a Savers Bank representative today. Savers Bank offers a Debit Rewards Program and we can give you all the details about how you can start earning reward points today.

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