About Savers Bank

Be Simply Better

At Savers Bank, we believe in delivering genuine service to help our customers, communities and businesses solve their problems, fulfill their goals and excel at everything they do. This is how we create Simply Better.

See how our employees are delivering Simply Better.

Meet Steven

Consumer Lending & Collections Officer

"For 14 years I have coached youth basketball and I love giving back and seeing the growth and development of the kids. I strive everyday to be "Simply Better" for each individual kid to help them grow on and off the court. I still talk to kids I coach 14 years ago when they were in the 5th grade and they still ask me for advice. It went from how to dribble a basketball to finance advice on the best ways save money or how to buy a car. The Collections side of the business always seemed as a hard job because we have to make the tough phone call due to someone not paying their loan. I think the total opposite. I try and help every customer get their loans back on time and work with each individual customer to keep their house or car and push then to pay on time to benefit their credit rating. Everyone may go through a point in time where money may be tight and they need a little help. I am so glad to be a part of helping many people especially during the Covid pandemic when a lot of people were out jobs, we were able to give them payment relief and structure payment plans to allow those in need to not worry about losing their house or their vehicle."

Meet Rosemary

President and Chief Executive Officer

"I’m happiest when I’m spending quality time with my family. My son is my greatest joy. He brings out my fun and silly side. He also challenges me to take risks and to try new things that I otherwise would not experience. Because of him I enjoy the challenge of aerial tree adventure parks in the Spring, water sports in the Summer, ziplining in the Fall, and skiing in the Winter."