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Making Money POP

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to send someone money, and you wanted to do it quickly and safely?

Let’s say your cousin had Red Sox tickets you wanted to buy, box seats, and you can pick them up at Fenway, but you won’t see them before the game.

In this fast-paced age of electronics, folks are looking for a way to get things done quickly, easily, and safely. Personal payment services, like Popmoney® can make it happen.

Savers Bank offers our customers Popmoney® a cleverly named service that stands for “Pay Other People Money”. It allows users to send or receive money to anyone in the U.S. using just their name along with their email or their phone number, so there’s no need to share your account information with others you may be sending money.

After signing into your online banking account and selecting the Popmoney® option in billpay, you can send or request receipt of money from anyone you know with just their name and their email or mobile number.

When your request has been sent, the other person will receive an email or text notification letting them know they have money waiting for them. They can easily accept that money through the Popmoney® service.

Popmoney® uses multi-step authentication and encryption technology, so you can be assured your information is safe. Also, your bank information is never shared with the other person, so your account number is safe.

In addition Popmoney® offers peace of mind to their users. You can stop payment on a transfer as long as the recipient hasn’t deposited the funds into their account. Also, if the recipient of a transfer doesn’t accept the transfer into their account in 10 days, the funds are returned to the sender.

So, let’s go back to those Red Sox tickets. Your cousin asks you to send him the money for the tickets. You can go right on your online banking site. You log in securely access Popmoney®, input your cousin’s email address or phone number. Put in the amount you want to send, add a quick message and send it on its way. Your cousin will receive an email or a text letting them know they have been sent money from you. They can open it and accept the money right away. If they don’t currently use Popmoney®, they can set it up on the spot from their computer or mobile device.

In a variety of ways Popmoney® makes it fast, easy, and safe to send money to other people no matter where you are.

Want to learn more about Popmoney®? Speak with one of our account representatives today!

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